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Systems Fashion / DIY Bio / Transcending The Metabolic Rift! Comics For THIS Present.

TRANS-HOPELESS. High-speed energy - sports performance wear as riot gear. A wilderness guide for a receding civilisation, interbreeding new mythologies and practical survival techniques, cultural meme transmission. Entertainment tool for comfort. Grand ambitions undone. Deep ocean images of aliens. Forms crushed by gravity and deep pressure. Is this what you thought your life would be like? Laser-etched indestructible mobile phone case with co-ordinating gloves and hat. New fibers and tech mediate an experience with the new wilderness. ‘The idea of industry is the elimination of living substances.’ Transformers movies as Ballardian parable (eg. sexualised alien metals creatures morphing, exploding and fucking everything to pieces!). You can walk the earth cushioned by plinths made of space shuttle materials. Life vs Lifestyle. No more seasons, utility perma-wear garment logistics. Settle down amongst the clearance items in a neutral consumption zone.

The hippies made their utopia mags, now what can WE make?

Reading references:

Wired for Culture - Mark Pagel
Small is Beautiful - EF Schumacher
You are not a Gadget - Jaron Lanier
Shelter - Lloyd Kahn
Capitalist Realism - Mark Fisher

All images (c) respective owners, collected here as reference imagery only